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The African energy market is a multi-trillion dollars, largely untapped opportunity. Africa has enough renewable and non-renewable energy resources to meet the energy needs of its entire population into the foreseeable future. With Africa now having the fastest growing middle class in the world, the time has never been better to invest in a region where more than half of its population do not have access to modern energy services. Puttru is the bridge connecting you to the African energy market.

Puttru is a business facilitation online platform that connects African energy companies to debt and equity investors from all over the world. We disrupt the traditional capital raising and investment process by cutting through the challenges of bringing investable businesses and serious investors together. Our products and services are specially designed to bring down the high transaction costs of private sector investment in the African energy sector.

“Our solution provides viable energy businesses with the investment package that works and, for investors, the precise information to make good investment decisions.”

We Work For

We work for entrepreneurs, investors and government to unlock investment in Africa’s energy sector



These are indigenous companies supplying energy products and services, and may otherwise be known as Investment Opportunities. They are investable businesses whose performance, productivity and profitability may be enhanced through debt or equity capital from investment entities.



Catalysts are investment entities providing debt and equity financing to Opportunities and Surveyors. By definition, these are entities ‘whose business purpose is to invest funds solely for returns from capital appreciation, investment income or both (business purpose condition)’.



These are foreign companies looking to move into the African energy market either to establish businesses or implement energy projects. Surveyors may be interested in forming partnerships with existing local partners and accessing financing from investment entities to meet the initiative’s objectives.

“Finding serious investors or businesses tailored to your investment criteria does not have to be like the proverbial ‘needle in A HAYSTACK’..”

We provide

Visibility, Smart Matchmaking

Investment Advisory, Deal Brokering

Governments and business owners are often told by investment experts that lack of foreign private capital is not stopping investment in Africa’s energy sector, because it is sufficiently available. Yet, capital flow into African companies remain small compared to other continents.

One factor usually quoted as the issue is ‘lack of investable business opportunities in the energy sector in Africa’.

We started Puttru because we agree that investable businesses are hard to find. However, this is not because investable, privately-held energy companies do not exist in Africa, but because finding businesses which are presented in just the ‘right way’ can be difficult for an investor interested in the African market. By ‘right way’ we mean that these businesses do not demonstrate strongly that investors can make good returns on their investment.

“By addressing information asymmetry, mitigating the risks associated with investment in unlisted companies through multiparty developed customized templates, we make it easy for companies and investors to speak the same language and come to a deal quickly. Our services ensures that both parties walk out of the negotiations with a deal that works for all.”

That’s why we give you access to


Transaction advisory

and deal brokering services

Increasing pool of potential investors

or partners and an increasing pool of viable energy businesses

Independent expert assessment

of companies of interest


promotional services

Market intelligence information

to keep you updated on trends, opportunities and issues that may affect your investment decisions

Information on forming partnerships

or making investments in the sector

“We do more than connecting. We go with you to the finish line.”

We put
You first

You may have heard of other investment matchmaking initiatives, but how many of them involved you in their development stage?

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