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Africa’s energy market is a multi-trillion dollars, largely untapped opportunity now accessible to you.

We know that finding investable businesses in the African energy industry can be difficult.
PUTTRU eliminates these barriers for you by presenting only companies that have passed our thorough due diligence process.

We are more than a matchmaking platform.

We facilitate:

Debt and equity syndication
Credit enhancement
Deal negotiation
Access to industry information

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The Problem and the Solution explained:


This option gives you access to all our Opportunities.
You are completely in charge.

USD 5,000

per annum

Our investment experts have taken time to assess the profiles of some Opportunities on the platform. With this option we include an identifier so you know just who has received expert support, saving you some time.

USD 7,500

per annum

We combine the benefits of Selective offers and offer even more. With this payment option you have access to Surveyors, foreign companies who have secured African partners and need additional investment to actualize the vision.

USD 15,000

per annum

Testimonials from Financiers

One of the main challenges investment funds have in financing African energy companies is finding companies that meet their eligibility criteria. The Platform’s unique sorting functionalities eliminates this barrier, shortening the time needed to find opportunities that meet your funding policy.

Elhadji Malick Soumare

Investment Manager, GroFin

As a social impact fund, SIMA invest in renewable energy companies working to make a difference in low-income communities in Africa. SIMA provides a unique blend of advisory and funding support to these companies. The functionalities of the platform increase the chances of such companies and investors connecting and interacting seamlessly.

Amitesh Sinha

Partner, SIMA Funds