#whatwouldyoudo: An African Youth Challenge

600 million Africans lack access to electricity. According to the experts, accounting for population growth, this number is expected to stay the same by 2030.

Puttru exist to remove the barriers hindering investment into Africa’s energy sector, so that the number, 600 million, is significantly cut down by 2030.

The #whatwouldyoudo challenge aims to empower the African youth to have a say in what 2030 should look like, as far as the energy situation in Africa is concerned.

Participants will be given a one of a kind opportunity to add their voice to such an important issue, and have their voices amplified through social media.

How to get involved

Step 1: Use your phone to produce a 1 min video recording of your elevator pitch addressing the question, if you had all the resources needed, how would you address the energy challenge in your country, and what would these resources be?

Video should include:

  • Your name and country,
  • The energy issues,
  • What you would do, if you had the resources as well as what these resources are.

Step 2: Send your video to with your social media handles (for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook only). For large files share via Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.

Step 3: Puttru will upload your pitch to our social media sites.

Step 4: The public decides if you are a winner through the total number of social engagements your video gets – total number of retweets, likes and comments on Puttru’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. For the first position, the video will be selected by a Jury from the shortlist of the top 10 performers.

Only social engagements recorded by 16 October 2020 will be counted.

Note: By sending us your video you consent to us publishing it on our social media sites and blog.

The price

Ten (10) winners will be selected. The first position will receive a price money of US$ 500, the rest will receive a price money of $100 each.

Their videos will be published and promoted on the Puttru blog, at conferences and other avenues for more visibility.

Visit the website for more information on Puttru:

Write to us for enquires:


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