#BePUTTRU: Know the Mindset Behind the Company

More than a technology company, PUTTRU is a mindset. From our name to our logo and favicon, everything about our brand assets are symbolic, and tied to our objectives and purpose for existing as a company.

What you know of us today, in terms of our operations, will change in the next decades. And we have thought about all these. Yes, we think that far ahead. However, our intention here is not to come across as enigmatic. We would want nothing more than for our clients and members of the communities we serve to know us – our ethos and more. And this is why we have started a campaign on #BePUTTRU.


The message of #BePUTTRU is that PUTTRU embodies a standard of African excellence, one that is worth associating yourself with. One that is worth becoming.

Let us start with the things you can see about our brand.

Our name, for example, is about success. About succeeding in your endeavors. PUTTRU is our unique way of spelling put-through, and the phrase means to carry something to a successful close. Besides, to put-through also means to connect someone across electronically – another thing we make possible through our digital platform.

 Now to the logo and favicon.

You may have noticed that the double t’s form a bridge. This is symbolic of how we carry your energy business transactions to a successful close, connecting you to the capital and ecosystem you need to take your business to the next level.  Indeed, ‘we are your bridge to closing that energy business deal in Africa.’

Besides what you can see about us, everything about PUTTRU is guided by four values which we call RIPE.  This stands for: Reputable, Innovative, Principled and Effective.

For these values, we prefer not to speak for ourselves but to encourage you to see for yourself if we are these things. Why not book a one-on-one meeting with us today to discuss how we may be of service to you?

How to #BePUTTRU

Be RIPE. Be Bold. Be Successful. These are the messages our #BePUTTRU campaign will be promoting this year. These are qualities that work for us and we believe will work for you too – whether you are looking at raising capital, financing energy transactions in Africa or just meeting your goals. For instance, during our first year of being operational we were able to build up a project pipeline size that exceeded our expectations. And, mind you, we are a people of high ambitions.

Going into 2022, we will be campaigning for human rights, gender diversity, sustainable development in Africa, among others.

Do you now see why you should #BePUTTRU?

Join our campaign and be an embodiment of excellence.


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Monica Maduekwe

Monica is PUTTRU's founder. See our About page for more.